My Writing Style

I feel that I have at least three distinct writing styles: Conversational (used in texting, emailing friends/family, and social media [although there can be a bit of an overlap in social media writing style for me]), Academic (used in most university classes for papers), and Creative. Although I perhaps write in my Creative style the least often, this is my go-to when I truly want to write or make something beautiful and emotionally stimulating or satisfying. Writing in the creative style is more of an art for me, with its accompanying drive and passion. When I write in the Creative style, it is most often a result of a feeling taking root in me and longing to sprout, thereby make itself manifest on a physical plane. These desires to write will fill me on a whim, and crave an outlet until I give it one. In high school I found Romantic Era poetry and really dove into it, carrying around anthologies with me wherever I went and reading in minutes of spare time between classes, during classes, or at the park on warm spring and summer days. I think the urge to write in this style is my inner Romantic making itself manifest haha. In high school I wrote a lot of poetry, but these days I really enjoy writing creative nonfiction with subtle poetic tendencies.

Academic writing is that which I least care for and which does the least for me on a spiritual level. I absolutely recognize its place and importance, and has assisted me greatly in developing my critical thinking and reasoning capabilities, as well as my ability to synthesize complex ideas and formulate them into coherent and persuasive writing and/or speech. Having to do so much academic writing as an English major has played a huge part in my intellectual development, for which I am extremely grateful. Nonetheless, I never do academic writing for fun, and even when I am doing it, it’s not ever really fun.

Conversational style is perhaps which most people use the most, although many people’s professional writing styles and conversational styles are synonymous, especially in this era. However, as mentioned above, I use mine most in everyday conversations over text, email, and most social media. For me, this style closely mimics speech, and often includes emojis and text laugh-sounds (haha or bahaha, etc.), and uses short messages sent more frequently as opposed to longer texts with more space between each.


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